The next new Star Trek show is going where no new Star Trek show has gone before: Nickelodeon.

The title and logo for Star Trek Prodigy were revealed by Nickelodeon and CBS Television Studios as part of Thursday’s Star Trek Universe virtual panel for Comic-Con@Home. Set to debut sometime in 2021, the CG-animated show will follow a group of misfit teens who stumble upon their own derelict Starfleet ship and take off in search of adventure and redemption.

Emmy Award winners Kevin and Dan Hageman, who have worked on LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu and Netflix’s Trollhunters will develop the show. Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin, who are practically overseeing every Trek show at the moment, will executive produce. While revealing why the brothers were chosen, Kadin also  hinted that Nickelodeon’s involvement need not worry fans concerned with an infantilization of the franchise:

“The reason we went to the Hagemans is because if you’ve seen their work, you know that they’re not writing Muppet Babies. It’s not Little Spock and Little Kirk. It’s not playing down [to viewers] that way. Even their characters in Ninjago — they are teenagers — I was able to watch that with my kids, and they write with a very epic quality. They tell stories the way we tell stories in live-action: serialized, turning over cards… I think it will be a great way for fans to introduce the franchise to their kids, and for new fans to be formed because it’s such a big franchise, [it can be hard] to get into as a kid.”

Prodigy will be the sixth Star Trek series in current production, following 2017’s Discovery, this year’s Picard, and next month’s animated Lower Decks, as well as the yet to be released Strange New Worlds and Section 31 spinoff shows. It’s kind of wild to think about the amount of Trek content coming our way considering the original series was cancelled after just three seasons.

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Did you know?

After the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation ended, the office of Gene Roddenberry “decanonized” the original Star Trek: The Animated Series and forbade writers of the shows, novels, comics and role-playing games from using any concepts or characters introduced in the cartoon.