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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The King of Staten Island’ is Weightier Than Your Usual Stoner Comedy

For a name often associated with the mid-2000s peak of the “Frat Pack,” Judd Apatow has never seemed interested in directing broadly juvenile comedies. His hyper-fixation on overgrown children is both his greatest strength and most unmanaged weakness, both of which are on full display in his latest The King of Staten Island.

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Henry Cavill’s Superman In Talks to Return in Future DC Movies

The entire DC Extended Universe has been built on the foundation of 2013’s Man of Steel. Though the movie launched Henry Cavil into the public eye, rumors concerning his departure from the DCEU have been swirling since before Justice League’s release. However, it now seems that the Superman actor isn’t finishing donning the cape on the big screen just yet.

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